Thursday, March 12, 2015

Art In The Schools on Ocracoke..... Out and About - Critters & Creatures

It all began innocently enough.  I was twenty-seven years old when Theresa, my friend since Kindergarten, and I were on a road trip to The Beach.  We stopped in Breezewood, Pennsylvania for a drive-thru dinner, and we gave into the temptation of buying a talking chihuahua at Taco Bell.  "Yo Quiero Taco Bell" became our mantra for the season, and he became our mascot for that trip, and many more.  We photographed him EVERYWHERE!  This type of fun continued with my son's Flat Stanley Project in elementary school, and most recently with my frequent travel companion, Mr.  Bill.  It just seemed logical that I should honor this tradition with our Recycled Critters and Creatures!

Their first ride in the front seat.  On our way to The Beach.
Lola by Jodi Ohl, one of my partners in ReMe Retreats.
Joy by Jodi Ohl.
Gizmo by Mary Neligan.
Frank by Mary Neligan of Mary's Funky Fish.
My very own Scooter.
Lunch at Eduardo's for Food Made with Love.  The Kids had to eat!

A romp through Books to Be Red with Leslie Lanier.She assures me that I'm "a good kind of crazy".

Groovin' to the sweet sounds of Molasses Creek, Coyote, Katy Mitchell,
and the other talented Musicians of Ocracoke.
Just a Swingin'
Lovin' The Live Oaks...
...and The Lighthouse.
One last gathering with friends...
...a visit with The Ocracoke Dolphin, and we were homeward bound.Until next time...


To read more about how I learned about this opportunity,
the Ocracoke Community, and our Retreats on Ocracoke,

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