Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Art In The Schools on Ocracoke..... Deepwater Theater & Music Hall... Our Classroom

While on Ocracoke Island, my classes were held in Deepwater Theater and Music Hall.  

Through the years, I've attended numerous shows by the talented artists of Ocracoke Island, and the walls virtually echo with their performances and creativity.  Deepwater Theater and Music Hall is at the heart of the arts community on Ocracoke, and I was thrilled beyond words to spend time there.

Snow on Ocracoke!  Another first for me.  
I wish that you could have heard the kids.

Color coordinated mixed media materials from Debbie Leonard!

Google Eyes.  Never leave home without them!

Hi.  My name's Jean, and I'm addicted to train cases...
and tools...and maybe Piggly Wiggly Bags.  ;-)

Most of the artwork on the walls at Deepwater Theater
was created by the talented Kitty Mitchell.
On this trip, I learned that she's also from Pittsburgh.
I knew that I liked her for a reason!

When on Ocracoke, if it's at all possible,
you MUST attend a performance at
Deepwater Theater and Music Hall!
You'll be glad that you did.


To read more about how I learned about this opportunity, the Ocracoke Community, and our Retreats on Ocracoke, please visit our ReMe Retreats Website by clicking here.

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