Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Art In The Schools on Ocracoke..... Captain's Landing

Thanks to the kindhearted folks at Captain's Landing, my Mother was able to join me while I was teaching on Ocracoke.  Her mobility has been limited, and as her disease progresses it's deteriorating even more rapidly.

At Captain's Landing, we were welcomed with open arms into a first floor handicapped accessible suite that overlooked Silver Lake Harbor.  We were treated to a front row seat for an ever-changing amazing view, and the most glorious sunsets that I've ever seen in my life!  Thanks to them, my Mother was able to enjoy all of this without ever leaving the comfort of our room, and I was able to enjoy my time with her.

This is the only photo that I have of Karen Lovejoy.
With her assistance, and a bit of food, I was almost
able to touch the beloved Ocracats
who live at Captains's Landing.  

Captain's Landing has rentals and a sweet gift shop too!

I feel certain that this will be the first of many visits to
Captain's Landing, and I'm already looking forward to a return trip!

If you're heading to Ocracoke, and seeking an inviting place 
in the heart of it all, Captain's Landing is for you!


To read more about how I learned about this opportunity, the Ocracoke Community, and our Retreats on Ocracoke, please visit our ReMe Retreats Website by clicking here.

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