Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Best Blind Dates EVER!

Best of all, these Blind Dates are all
Husband Approved!
If the dating experiences of my warm wonderful single friends are any indication, Blind Dates are not for the faint of heart.  When we were on Ocracoke Island for our most recent ReMe Retreat in October, we discovered one solid exception to this rule, and you're going to love it.

Are these Ocracoke Blind Dates...

... in abundant supply? Yes!

... easily accessible? Yes!

... emotionally available?  Yes!

... satisfying?!?!  Yes.  Yes!  YES!!!

These mysterious Blind Dates might just be the best kept secret on Ocracoke Island!  And regardless of your gender, marital status, personal preferences, or geographic location, you can have one or more of your very own!

Thanks to the lovely ladies at Books To Be Red, the sky is the limit when it comes to these Blind Dates!

Here's Jodi with her Blind Date...
...and me with mine!
Blind Dates are ready and waiting for you!
Just a few of the many Blind Dates that are available.
Surprise yourself during the Holidays, with a Blind Date...
or two or three...of your very own!
Provide your wish list to the Lovely Ladies of Books to Be Red, and they'll provide you with a match made in Heaven.  You may reach Leslie and Heather via their Facebook Page or by calling 252-928-3936.

Love from Ocracoke.  

It doesn't get any easier or better than that.  

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Earrings and Smiles All Around!

Best.  Studio.  Assistant.  EVER.
(His Mother rocks too!)

Sometimes, it feels as if I'm still finding my way through the fog of the past few years.  As I was living life, I never consciously realized how far behind I'd fallen or how much of my time was being dedicated to loving Mom.

In the studio yesterday, I had one of those sweet days that reminds me of all that I've been missing.  The smile's still on my face, and I'm feeling exceedingly grateful that I'm able to make a living in a way that fills my heart.

Here's a glimpse of my day...

We were making Earrings...Earrings...Earrings at Creative Studios NC last night!
The lovely and talented Robyn models her latest creation.
Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves!
Such a treat to spend time with Deb and Robin.
I finally met one of my neighbors, and enjoyed spending time with Vanessa.
Her earrings were gorgeous too

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

When In Greensboro - Just Be

Just Be, is a lovely boutique in Greensboro that represents handmade and fair trade work.  I love this store for so many reasons!  Here are just a few of them...

  • The Ladies of Just Be are friendly and welcoming.
  • Shopping there feels like a visit with a dear friend.  (One who has REALLY cool stuff!)
  • I can always find the perfect unique gifts for the ones I love.
  • Their displays are absolutely gorgeous!
  • And in the name of full disclosure, they represent my work.  :-)

I recently delivered a huge selection of my work, and below you'll find a few of the photos that I took while I was there.

You'll find Just Be at 352 Elm Street, Greensboro, NC 27401, or at their second location at 935 Boston Drive, Burlington, NC, 27215.  You'll also find them online here.

This public art across the street from Just Be makes me smile.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Wine & Creating In The Studio

Nothing goes together like Peanut Butter & Jelly, Cookies & Milk, and Wine & Creating.  At Creative Studios NC, we embrace all three of these concepts with varying degrees of enthusiasm, and folks have been asking us to clarify our position on alcoholic beverages in The Studio.

While you won't see class titles like "Wine and Design" or "Drink and Draw" among our offerings, you will find a wide array of classes in all media.  Card Creating, Scrapbooking, Painting, Art Journaling, Metalsmithing, Jewelry Making, Collage, Assemblage, and more will be offered, and we'll also host a variety of Open Studio Events, Private Parties, Crops, and Artist Demonstrations.  Guests of legal drinking age are welcome to bring and enjoy their very own snacks and libations at any and all of these events!

No wine was harmed in the making of
this photo, just a really
long hot day
of moving.  
In most cases, we'll invite you to pop your corks at the beginning of our time together.  Occasionally, we'll ask you to delay gratification until the use of caustic chemicals, high heat, razor sharp implements, and imminent danger has passed.  (We love our wine; but we love you more!)

First and foremost, we hope that you'll eat, drink and be merry with us each time that you're in The Studio, and we're hoping to see a lot of you!

For more information about Creative Studios NC, and upcoming events, please visit us on the web at www.creativestudiosnc.com or on Facebook at www.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Creative Studios NC - Classes With Connie Goodrum & Kristin Spurlock

We're off and running at Creative Studios NC, and I'm so excited about all that this means for each of us, and for our community at large.  During the process of opening the studio, I've had the privilege of meeting two new artist-friends, and each of them will be offering classes here on Saturday, October 24th.  You won't find these classes anywhere else, as each will be taught exclusively taught in our studio.  If you're in the area and available, please join us!

The first class is from 10:00 until 12:00 with Connie Goodrum.  In it she'll lead students in creating two - two page scrapbook layouts.  (That's right; four pages total!)  Each student will receive the Legacy Collection paper pack from Simple Stories along with 6 sheets of coordinating card stock. Connie will walk artists with all levels of experience through tips, techniques, cutting, layering, and design.  She asks that guests bring adhesive, a trimmer and scissors; and everything else will be provided.

The second class, Apron Art Doodling, will be offered from 2:00 until 4:00 on the same day by Kristin Spurlock.  In this class, each student will be provided with an apron of their very own, and they'll have full use of a wide range of Sharpie Markers throughout the class.  Students are also welcome to bring paint pens and other permanent markers for use in the class, and some will be available for sale in the studio.

As an added bonus, any student who registers for both the morning and afternoon class sessions will also be treated to two hours of free open studio time from 12:00 until 2:00.  During this time guests will have full use of our working studio space and tools too.  

For more detailed information about both classes, and to register, please call Jan McClay at 910-245-4129 or email her at jan@creativestudiosnc.com , or visit Creative Studios NC Online.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Here's to a Swank Filled Season!

LOVE the piece above my display
Anytime is the right time to visit Swank Coffee in Handmade Market in Southern Pines!  The lovely Lisa, owner of Swank, has a heart as big as her head.  She kind, friendly, compassionate, patient, and so much more.  Her gentle soul is the real secret behind Swank's success, and I absolutely love working with her!

This morning I was thrilled to fully stock the shop with my latest creations, and I also had the opportunity to browse.  A walk through Swank is like a visit with dear friends and their work.  There are paintings by Jacqueline Sadler, Amy Smith, Jodi Ohl, and more!  pottery by Suzanne Rehbock.... photography and accessories by Sharon Augustyniak... the cutest clothing and accessories for adults and children... metal sculptures by Jean and Randy Chapman... dog collars and accessories by Kelly Lawson Stevens... and so much more!

What a lovely way to start the day!


Friday, September 18, 2015

Reacting and Responding - Part 2 - A Lighter Look

Theresa was clueless as to the
fun that awaited her!
In May of this year, my emotions were running on overdrive.  My Mom's health was declining at lightning speed; the needs for her care were changing daily; and I was exhausted!  As we prepared for our Flagship ReMe Retreat on Ocracoke Island, it seemed as if new challenges presented themselves on a daily basis.  Some, a flat tire or misplaced keys, were minor.  Others... like Mom's speedier than expected discharge from rehab, my swan dive down the stairs as I was packing for ReMe, and her caretaker's stroke on her first full day of work... were more significant.

Through it all, there were also bright spots.  Through it all, I somehow managed to trust that everything was happening for a reason.  Through it all, I maintained faith that the right solutions would present themselves at the exact time that I needed them most.  Thankfully this was consistently the case.

Midweek during our retreat, as I was enjoying a delightful shower under the Carolina Blue Sky, I discovered a 'skin tag' on my upper thigh.  Puzzled by this tag that I'd never felt previously, I perched Karate Kid style on my one good leg to glimpse it in the waist high mirror.  My balance not being at its best a few short days after my fall, I still couldn't be sure,.  So, I rinsed as quickly as possible, re-donned my soft stretchy pajamas, and proceeded directly to the house where I sought help.

(It should be noted that I strongly suspected that the 'skin tag' in question was actually a tick.  Ticks are one of those creatures that totally and completely freak me out!  When suspicion first dawned, I wanted to scream like a child and run like the wind; but I couldn't.  It's hard to run from one's own thigh, and I was playing Hostess at the time.  If I'd screamed and run naked away from The Inn, my ReMe Sisters would have been puzzled, and potentially scarred for life.)

Thankfully, our cool-headed Den Mother, Theresa, and ReMe Guest Extraordinaire, Lynne Simon Suprock, came to my rescue.  The tick was painlessly removed amidst our raucous laughter; the doctor was called; and any possible ill effects of the experience were thwarted.

The moral of this story...

Reacting by running naked and screaming would have been bad for all involved.

Responding by quietly asking for help, and laughing about the experience for days, provided a positive outcome for the experience and, a story that will last a lifetime.

Do you respond, react, or a bit of both?  
I'd love to hear all about it in the comment section of this post!