Monday, March 9, 2015

Art In The School on Ocracoke..... Critters & Creatures Preparations

Once I was invited to teach on Ocracoke, preparations began in earnest.  Friends here in The Sandhills and on Ocracoke generously began to gather parts and pieces for me.

"The Kids" at Carolina Crafters Mall 

Mary Neligan of Mary's Funky Fish was instrumental in all facets of this process!  We brainstormed; gathered; cut; drilled; painted; and created in her shop.  She also raided her neighborhood recycling for me on several occasions.  That's dedication, and I couldn't have done it without her!

Jodi Ohl was along for the ride too.  Although her medium of choice is paint; she dove into our prototype-making of Critters and Creatures with reckless abandon, and her results were 100% her!

Our Faithful Shop Companion, Jake...
...reminding us that there's always time to play!
Our true colors shining through!

To read more about how I learned about this opportunity, the Ocracoke Community, and our Retreats on Ocracoke, please visit our ReMe Retreats Website by clicking here.

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