Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Our Field Trip to Brown's Hardware

When I was a kid, I loved going to The Hardware Store in Caste Village with my Dad.

Today it's hard for me to pass a Hardware Store without stopping.  Upon entering, one whiff of that-old-time-hardware-store-smell takes me right back.  It's a combination of fertilizer, oil, and history; and it hints at the treasures waiting to be discovered.

Recently during our ReMe Retreats Planning Session, we indulged in a brief field trip to Brown's Hardware in nearby Mt. Gilead.  What a treat!  Joe and Misty made us feel welcome, and they indulged us in a behind the scenes tour with plenty of time for photos.  A few of them follow:

LOVE this piece!
Each drawer is crafted
from a vintage cheese box.

The stump!
The anvil!
The hand tools!

Damned camera.  lol!

A full service store, with a touch of irony.
At the end of this aisle, in the middle of the steps,
is a door that led us to a
behind-the-scenes glimpse....
...of an area that seemed to be frozen in time.
Eclectic collections.
Seemingly random parts and pieces.
If these walls could talk!

Given its abandoned feel,
by nature a little bit creepy.

NOBODY puts Baby
in the corner!




  1. Replies
    1. Definitely, Penny. The memories of these precious moments carry me. 💚

  2. the place for all my fishy nails and screws...thank you, Jean you tell it all so well. Joe and Misty Williams make sure you find what you're looking for with a little history thrown in. And there is a marys funky fish hanging over the desk! "Brownie"

    1. Thanks again for sharing this jewel of a place with us, Mary! I forgot to point out Brownie. 😊. (For anyone else reading this, Can you find a brownie?!?! Leave a comment below to let us know!)