Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It's All About That May - Eavesdropping on Dinner During ReMe - Ocracoke - May 2014

Yesterday, amid the snow and ice here in North Carolina, I took a visual trip down memory lane on The ReMe Retreats Blog.  That post was all about our ReMe Retreat - Ocracoke - October 2014.

Today, I'd like to take you on the briefest of audio tours of our ReMe Retreat - Ocracoke - May 2014.  Unbeknownst to those in attendance, I allowed my video camera to roll during our celebratory dinner at the end of the week.

(Not to worry, Ladies!  There will be no images of you gracefully and demurely dining on our Traditional Seafood Boil.  Ha!  Instead you'll hear the sweet sounds of your voices, and I hope that you'll enjoy this as much as I did.)

It's hard to describe what the women in attendance at both of our ReMe Retreats - Ocracoke - 2014 mean to me.  We fondly refer to each other as "ReMe Sisters"; they're in my heart daily; and my life was forever changed by them.

I'm looking forward to all that 2015 will hold for each of us, and the day that this soundtrack will begin again, live and in person, on Ocracoke Island.

Videotaping became a habit for my at both ReMe Retreats in 2014.  This is the first of many that I'll share with you here.

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