Sunday, February 22, 2015

February Folk Art and Fearrington

Just a peek at the corner of the mural on
Beggars and Choosers.  Crazy beautiful!
Created by
Lanelle Davis and Beth Goldston.
Yesterday, I enjoyed every minute of one of my favorite annual traditions here in North Carolina.  Our pilgrimage to The Fearrington Folk Art Show.  I've been attending this show with friends since I first moved to North Carolina.  Through the years, the show has gone from being the focal point of our day to being our destination AND the source of inspiration for the adventures that follow it too.  Those in attendance may ebb and flow; but the one certainty is that we always have a ball!

At 8:30 AM, OT (OT=Our Time, which is 15 minutes or so later than regular ole EST.), we met at The Pig (The Piggly Wiggly in Vass, North Carolina is a place where some of our most memorable adventures begin.).  We made a beeline for Fearrington, with two quick detours first to gaze upon the amazing murals in Downtown Pittsboro.

The Art Cars greeted us in the parking lot; we had coffee at The Goat; and we entered the show shortly after it opened.

Miz Thang and The Cap Man were front and center outside this year.  Inside, we were overstimulated in the best possible way.  How could we not have a wonderful time?  We were with old and new friends in a warm setting surrounded by the most amazing variety of all form and fashion of Folk Art!  

Well said!

Just a peek at the show itself.  Pure magic!
With our in-the-moment-mindset, we proceeded to lunch at my favorite restaurant in Pittsboro, Small B&B Cafe.  Great people, delectable food, an environment that's choc-full of Folk Art...and the soon-to-be-home of The Small Museum of Folk Art.  Trust me.  When you're in Pittsboro, just visit!
Fundraising for this exciting project is ongoing.  Please click the photo above.
"Like" their Facebook Page.  And stay tuned for additional updates.
During our time there, we were joined by some sweet friends and amazing artists from Greensboro. Theirs is a story that deserves its own post, so more on them later this week.

Next, based on their glowing recommendation, we were off to Rusted Roots in Hillsborogh, NC.  It...and the other stores in the area...absolutely rocked!  We shopped until they closed on us, and I feel certain that a return trip is in order in the not-too-distant-future.

We meandered from one place to another yesterday with no real agenda in mind, and it was pure bliss.  Our final stop of the day led us to the studio of Sam Ezell.  Oh what fun we had!  Sam welcomed us with open arms.  We were able to catch a peek at the tools of his trade and of his work in process, while he allowed Lori to play Vanna White.  She took us on a tour of virtually every finished piece in his studio.  Happily this time I remembered to take photos!

Sam's studio with a few of his birdhouses on display.
Mary and Sam.
Sam and Lori.
Sam and Me...and Elvis photo bombing.
Sam and Me with Miz Lib.
Sam's Art Truck.
The perfect end to a day of Folk Art...
...and it looks like Gracie approves my selection.


  1. Such a fun day! so well summed up, Jean

  2. It was big fun, Mary! I'm already looking forward to next year. :-)