Friday, November 8, 2013

What A Difference A Day Makes

From the crispness in the air to colored leaves to pumpkins, I love the Fall Season.  This year my travels took me from Pennsylvania to New England and back to North Carolina.  The time on the road allowed me to experience nonstop autumnal beauty for weeks on end.  Here at home, fall arrived softly.  I live in The Sandhills, home of the majestic Long Leaf Pine.  While they offer stunning beauty year round, they just don't provide a whole lot of fall color.  ;-)
This photo is similar to one that I posted on Facebook.
Notice the heart shaped hole in the leaf on the top left.
About a week ago, I noticed that the small maple tree in our front yard had begun to turn brilliant orange.  As the days passed, I appreciated it as I gazed out the window or drove in and out of our driveway.  Then two days ago, as I rushed home after an appointment, I paused to visit the tree in person.  It was awesome!  Its leaves were rustling gently in the breeze; bees were languidly resting amidst its branches; and the Carolina Blue Sky provided the perfect backdrop for its vibrancy.  I posted a photos of the tree on Facebook that day, and I was amazed by the positive attention that it received.

Yesterday dawned to mist, fog, and gray skies as I made my way to yet another doctor's appointment.  When I returned home, I was stunned to see that our beautiful little tree had shed almost all of its leaves overnight.  If I hadn't paused for those precious moments the day before, its beauty would have existed only in my mind.   

I know that there's valuable lesson in this experience, and it's one that's been on my radar for the past few years.  Our time here is precious and fleeting.  We need to make the most of it; we need to appreciate those we love and the beauty that surrounds us; we need to focus on the things that matter most; and we need to do it right the moment and amidst the chaos.  Life is beautiful, and I for one want to fully appreciate every last drop of it!

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