Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Broken Shell Beauty

I love surprises. 

Today, when I placed my hand into my jacket pocket, I came away with a sprinkling of sand from my most recent visit to Ocracoke.  It instantly brought a smile to my face, and mentally carried me away to my all time favorite beach. 
One of My Favorite Things...Broken Shells.
When I reached into my other pocket, I was rewarded with these three beauties.  I found a number of perfect shells during my visit...a scotch bonnet, a sand dollar, and a variety of others...but I continue to be drawn to the parts and pieces.  These shells have survived; their strength is apparent; and they have a history that I can only begin to imagine.  Worn smooth by their journey, their beauty is beyond compare. 

For now, I've returned them to my pocket.  They'll live there with the sand for a while; both serving as a gentle reminder that these words are a true for us as well.

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