Monday, November 4, 2013

My Personal Pause

One Perfect Pause...taking time to appreciate the little things. 
(Ocracoke Island, North Carolina)
Lately I’ve noticed that I have an increasing need to pause.  From the briefest of pauses to more long and leisurely ones, at times the desire to pause overwhelms me.
Pausing quiets my mind. It provides me with time to consider my options; it allows me to reflect on the consequences of my actions; and it permits me to respond to various situations instead of reacting to them.  This may sound like a subtle difference; but it’s made an enormous improvement in my life.  In the ever increasing rush around me, pausing centers me.
Sometimes I silently summon a personal pause in the midst of chaos.  This type of pause tends to be transparent to those around me.   At other times, I verbally declare my need to pause.  I wasn’t even aware that I did this until a friend noticed it.  When she brought this behavior to my attention, I realized that the gentle act of pausing is one manner in which I care for myself. 
Rushing through life is overrated, and I’ve done it for far too long.  I’m now ready to embrace my personal pause.  Care to join me?

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