Monday, October 12, 2015

Wine & Creating In The Studio

Nothing goes together like Peanut Butter & Jelly, Cookies & Milk, and Wine & Creating.  At Creative Studios NC, we embrace all three of these concepts with varying degrees of enthusiasm, and folks have been asking us to clarify our position on alcoholic beverages in The Studio.

While you won't see class titles like "Wine and Design" or "Drink and Draw" among our offerings, you will find a wide array of classes in all media.  Card Creating, Scrapbooking, Painting, Art Journaling, Metalsmithing, Jewelry Making, Collage, Assemblage, and more will be offered, and we'll also host a variety of Open Studio Events, Private Parties, Crops, and Artist Demonstrations.  Guests of legal drinking age are welcome to bring and enjoy their very own snacks and libations at any and all of these events!

No wine was harmed in the making of
this photo, just a really
long hot day
of moving.  
In most cases, we'll invite you to pop your corks at the beginning of our time together.  Occasionally, we'll ask you to delay gratification until the use of caustic chemicals, high heat, razor sharp implements, and imminent danger has passed.  (We love our wine; but we love you more!)

First and foremost, we hope that you'll eat, drink and be merry with us each time that you're in The Studio, and we're hoping to see a lot of you!

For more information about Creative Studios NC, and upcoming events, please visit us on the web at or on Facebook at www.

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