Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Earrings and Smiles All Around!

Best.  Studio.  Assistant.  EVER.
(His Mother rocks too!)

Sometimes, it feels as if I'm still finding my way through the fog of the past few years.  As I was living life, I never consciously realized how far behind I'd fallen or how much of my time was being dedicated to loving Mom.

In the studio yesterday, I had one of those sweet days that reminds me of all that I've been missing.  The smile's still on my face, and I'm feeling exceedingly grateful that I'm able to make a living in a way that fills my heart.

Here's a glimpse of my day...

We were making Earrings...Earrings...Earrings at Creative Studios NC last night!
The lovely and talented Robyn models her latest creation.
Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves!
Such a treat to spend time with Deb and Robin.
I finally met one of my neighbors, and enjoyed spending time with Vanessa.
Her earrings were gorgeous too

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