Friday, August 27, 2010

Surrounded by Flowers

Growing them, sending them, wearing them, surrounding myself with them; flowers are a bright spot in my life. And flowers have been on my mind this week.

From my Grandpap’s garden, to my Grandma’s kitchen, to our own backyard…I grew up surrounded by flowers. Perhaps that’s why to this day, my favorites still lean toward an overflowing riots of color stuffed somewhat carelessly into a Mason jar or glass bottle. And the fragrance of a gracefully drooping batch of lilacs or peonies from the yard is guaranteed to lift my spirits while transporting me back in time.

I don’t often send “real” flowers from the florist; but today was an exception. Today my niece, Kate, is twelve years old. Tomorrow she’ll be thirteen. The perennial question of “Where does the time go?!?!” has been running through my mind all month as I fondly remember her first days and years with us.

Kate’s becoming an incredible young woman, and since we’re miles apart, I wanted to celebrate this time in her life in one of my favorite ways…with flowers. From the descriptions that I’ve received of her reaction at their arrival, this idea was definitely a good one!

Today… in Pennsylvania, Kate is smitten with her first flower delivery.

Today… in my backyard, the stately sunflowers that we enjoyed all summer long are just past their prime. Now they’re providing a feast for the birds.

Today… in my studio, the flowers that I purchased at The Moore County Farmer’s Market are lifting my spirits. The scent of basil blends with the sweet floral fragrance, and the effect is intoxicating.

Today… on my finger, I’m enjoying the floral generosity of my dear friend, Olivia Dowdy Brown. I treasure this ring, and I’m most grateful for her friendship.

Today… it’s good to be surrounded by flowers.

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