Friday, May 20, 2016

Inspiration in Living Color

Since our studios are side-by-side, how could I
my Critters and Creatires not find some inspiration in the
expansive color palette of Jodi Ohl's work?!?

I tend to find creative inspiration all around me everyday.  Often, I'm inspired without even thinking about it consciously, and I almost never find the need to articulate why or how something strikes a cord with me.  

Recently I was asked, "What inspires your work?"  This question caused me to pause, and it set me on a more conscious path toward identifying the sources of my inspiration.  "Color" is an answer that I return to again and again when I'm seeking inspiration.  Often it's the colors in nature that inspire me...the greening of trees in Spring, the blue of our Carolina Sky, or the palette that surrounds me while near the ocean.  

Man made cacophonies of color inspire me in a completely different way.  A few photos from my archives follow.  I find that these images are especially inspirational to me.

Glass in Debbie Keen's Lampworking Studio

Fresh veggies prepped and waiting to be transformed.

A collection of buttons at Creative Studios NC.

While inspiration from bright colors isn't always apparent in my collection,

It's hard to miss it when the mood moves me!

In my jewelry, and in Wanda's Folk Art.

Pattern and texture definitely inspire me as well; but I think I'll save that discussion for another day.

What inspires you?  If it's color, what are some of the images that move you to create and how is this inspiration reflected in your work?

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