Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Captured for Posterity - Etching with Lori and Zoe

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending time at Creative Studios NC with my friend, Lori, and the newest addition to her family, Zoe.  Zoe is just over a month old, and Lori's enjoying bonding time with her while on maternity leave.

My day plan included etching huge numbers of cuff bracelets and other metal parts and pieces, while also taming the chaos that's overwhelmed my studio since returning from our most recent ReMe Retreat.  I happily report that I remained focused and on task...for the first hour or so.  For me, this is a major accomplishment.

After that, all bets were off!  It began innocently enough in a conversation about resin, vintage lace, and the manner in which we could create a collection of charms through the years to mark the milestone's in Zoe and Sophie's lives.  (Sophie, aka "Zoe's Big Sister", is almost three years old.)

The next thing I knew...

And the end result of it all...

Please note that no babies were harmed while making these pieces!  Lori will be creating wall art by mounting and framing them.  

I'm hopeful that this is the first of many such pieces that I'll have a hand in creating.  If you'd like to make something similar, or if you have another crazy-good idea that you'd like to discuss, please message me at, or call Creative Studios NC at 910-245-4129.


  1. Nice work Jean, Something different, you know I love my art ! Thomas butler

    1. Thank you, Thomas! I hope that you're still finding time for creating, and that all is well with you and yours.