Friday, March 11, 2016

Recycled Critters and Creatures on Ocracoke - Second and Sixth Grades

On our first afternoon at Deepwater Theater, we were in the company of Second and Sixth Grade Students from Ocracoke School.  Their enthusiasm for creating, and their understanding of recycling were impressive to say the least!

Here's a glimpse of our time with them...

A girl after my own heart!
His wheels are turning!
Excited?  Maybe.   :-)
Laser Focus.
Another Light Bulb Moment.
Yay Polka Dots!

If I had a hammer...
What efficiency!
A Classic Car
Fun With Paint
So many choices!
Pandas and Rabbits, Oh My! 
Guitar Stylings.

Please check back next week when I'll continue to post photos from our week on Ocracoke.

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