Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Recycled Critters and Creatures at Deepwater Theater on Ocracoke

I'm still walking on air after our adventure on Ocracoke last week!  Mary Neligan, of Mary's Funky Fish, and I had the absolute pleasure of working with the students of Ocracoke School as a part of Ocracoke Alive's 2016 Arts Partnership Program.

In keeping with our theme of Critters and Creatures and Recycled Art, we repurposed aluminum drink cans.  Did you know that these cans are 100% and infinitely recyclable?  As a society, if we'd recycle all of our aluminum cans, we'd never need to create a new one again.

What a beautiful place to create!
Today, I'll share a glimpse of our classroom at Deepwater Theater.  Other posts this week will get up close and personal with our students and their wild and wonderful creations.

Mary... Ready and Waiting!
Samples of Our Recycled Art.
"Before" The organization is just an illusion!  
More Samples...
Parts and Pieces
More Organized Chaos!

 Stay tuned tomorrow for pictures of our Pre-K and Kindergarten Classes!  

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