Thursday, February 11, 2016

Spotlight on Blue Horse Market!

My jewelry, artfully displayed at Blue Horse.
Last weekend, I was lucky to spend a bit of time wandering one of my favorite local stores, Blue Horse Market.  Blue Horse, owned by the talented Sharon and Jeff Augustyniak, is located near my hometown.  Sharon and I met when I owned Artist Alley, when I represented her work.  Now the tables have turned, and I'm grateful for the opportunities that they've created for me.

Blue Horse is so much more than 'just another store'.  With craft beers, a large wine selection, antiques, comfy couches, hot coffee, handmade goods aplenty, farm fresh food offerings, and more; this modern country store has become an integral part of our community.

The following photos don't begin to do it justice!  If you're in the neighborhood, do yourself a favor, and stop.  If you're not in the neighborhood, make it a destination.  I promise you'll be glad that you did.

A glimpse at some of the kids' creations at Blue Horse.
This repurposed bed frame promotes local businesses and our community.
North Carolina Pottery and other treasures.
Sharon's handmade Mat and Frame,
my Ode to The Sandhills,
Amy Smith's Canvas Earrings, and other treasures.
From floor to ceiling you'll find treasures at Blue Horse Market!
Blue Horse Market is located at 3196 Vass Carthage Road, at the 
intersection of Niagra Carthage Road, in Whispering Pines, North Carolina.
Their phone number is 910-949-2996, and you'll also find them on Facebook.

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