Thursday, September 17, 2015

Falling Into Fall

There's something about the change in seasons from Summer to Fall that touches my heart.  You can feel it in the air here in North Carolina.  One day it's a balmy eighty-something-plus-degrees; humidity hangs heavy; and even the nights are balmy.  The next day, the humidity evaporates; a crisp coolness returns like an old friend, and sweaters, blankets, and slippers come out of hibernation as Autumn returns.

A blustery beach day with
Debbie and Theresa.
As we plan for our next ReMe Retreat on Ocracoke Island in October, the changing seasons call for adjustments to our packing lists.  When it comes to clothes, layering prepares us for both the chilliest fall mornings on the beach, and also the warmest of Indian Summer afternoons.  Favorite slippers and  sweatshirts are a must, and we fill our cars with cozy blankets and throws to scatter around our Soundfront Inn.  

Our blankets and throws are a mix of treasured old favorites and soft new finds.  They lounge on the back of the sofa and at other strategic points around the house, and it's not uncommon to find us wrapped in them in the rockers on the front porch as the sun bids farewell to the day.

Yay Fall!  

Yay Ocracoke!  

Yay ReMe!  

Here's to a season filled with comfort, hope, friends old and new, and limitless possibilities. 


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