Saturday, August 22, 2015

On Gratitude and New Beginnings

The road this year has proven to be more challenging than I ever could have anticipated.  My Mother's declining health was certainly a part of it.  More so than I'd realized as I was walking through it day by day.  After she passed, I was struck by exhaustion like I've never felt.  I've come to realize that it had insidiously crept into my very soul, both mentally and physically.  In hindsight, I'd been running on fumes, and it finally caught up with me.  I'm happy to say that I'm emerging on the other side of this period of my life.

With this emergence comes a heightened sense of gratitude.  Gratitude for parents who love us unconditionally; gratitude for my husband who supports me when I don't even realize that I need it; gratitude for family members who reach across the miles to embrace us; gratitude for friends who love us like family, and gratitude for my customers, both individual and businesses, who tolerated my behavior when I was giving all that I had, knowing fully well that it wasn't enough.

A before shot of one corner in my new studio.
The last few years have been a period of gathering for me.  While my time in the studio was limited, inspiration never ceased to dance in my head.  I know now that I was saving it deep in my heart.  Collecting it, along with my precious memories, to be put to good use later.

Later has finally arrived.  During the next month, I'll be moving my studio to a new location.  I'll soon be surrounded by creative souls in a place that I love, with a classroom, and gallery space, and so much more.  In September, there'll be a bit more routine to my schedule.  While one part of me resists routines of all kinds, at my core I know my life will benefit from this change.  Soon the shops and boutiques that represent my work will be fully stocked again, and I'll be creating with abandon.

My view of the future is lighter and brighter than its been in some time.  It's filled with hope, and of course gratitude.  Gratitude for all that has been and all that will be.

Stay tuned!  It's about to get exciting, and I'm looking forward to sharing every step of it with you.

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  1. My heart broke for you when you lost your dear mother, little did I know I was about to experience the same thing. My mother passed away on June 28th, and I can honestly say it has been so much more difficult than I ever imaged it would be. I admire you and I wish you nothing but success and happiness as you find your way through this difficult time,

    Love and prayers,