Thursday, August 27, 2015

Behind The Scenes with Wire and Found Objects

This week I shared a bit about my love of wire on the ReMe Retreats website.  Wire is a basic component in most everything that I create, and I'm consistently amazed by it.  Below you'll find photos of some of the results of my adventures with wire, and also a behind-the-scenes peek at a few of the results of my self imposed challenge with wire and a limited selection of tools and found objects.

I love 
All Wire 
and I 
cannot lie...

Simplicity of design with Wire, Swarovski Crystals, and a Clasp.
Rings of Wire and Beads.

"Pipe Cleaners"
just another
to say

Electrical Parts and Pieces = Fancy Wire!

Cocooned in each link is a piece of a plastic straw.

The humble beginnings of my Wired Copper Cuff.
Its initial construction was all about the stability of the finished piece.
Then I began to add a few interesting functional details.
The free form wrapping continued.
In the finished cuff, I intentionally allowed a small portion of the straw 
to peek through; enough to raise interest without revealing its identity.
While these individual pieces may never be a part of my retail collection, in the process of creating them I stretched.  I challenged my ability to create with limited options.  I explored the technique of encapsulating a found object almost to the point of its being unrecognizable.  I examined my feelings about whether or not this treatment increases or decreases its contribution to the final piece.  And I pondered the inherent value of found objects, in general and when they're elevated within a piece of mixed media artwork.

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