Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Walking The Labyrinth - Part Two - My Musings At The Sandy Edmiston Labyrinth

Can you see it?  Underneath the bench in the center.
At The Sandy Edmiston Labyrinth at The Westminster College Field Station , underneath the stone bench at its center, you'll find what appears to be an ordinary plastic shoebox.  Inside, there are several pens, a bible, and a journal where walkers add their own heartfelt messages.

When I walk, I look forward to spending quiet time with the contents of the box.  I open the Bible to read the random passage that's being revealed to me; I peruse the journal, and allow myself to be touched and amused by its contents; and I add a sentiment to the journal myself.

A special read.
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During my walk last June, I also read a bit from Ann Ehrinhaus' new book, Ten Thousand Breakfasts.  Ann's earlier book, Ocracoke Portrait is one of my favorites, and her new book has found a special place in my heart as well.

In the quiet that followed this little ritual, I was also compelled to write a bit more.  It happened in a Moment of Grace, and the words came through me rather than from me.  

My thoughts from that day follow:

June 4, 2014
The Labyrinth at Westminster College

Destination in sight.
It's farther than it looks.
One path.
Only one path.
Always the right path.
The right path at the right time for me.
My dreams are within reach.
And then I turn.
It seems that I'm getting farther away from them, 
as they are now at my back.
Have faith in the journey.
Each step taking me closer to my destiny.
Each step is my destiny.
Birds Singing.
The smell of fresh cut grass.
Shoots working their way through stone.
Pebbles crunching under my feet.
The journey is long.
before I know it, 
I have arrived.
My walk complete.
For now.
Rested and rejuvenated.
I begin again.

Eyes on my path.
Eyes on the horizon.
Either way
The heart knows
what it knows.

But not alone.


  1. Oh Jean I am loving your words. They are very fitting for me right now. Thank you for putting them out there.

    1. Thank you, Patty. I rewrote them exactly as I did that day, with no edits. Stay tuned, I still have a few more Labyrinth Posts in me. :-)