Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Walking Down Memory Lane - Ocracoke Bracelet

Recently a friend survived a burglary in her home.  As she described all that she and her husband lost, it was the sentimental nature of what was missing that mattered most.  A piece of jewelry that belonged to her Mother, another that her husband gave her when they were dating, and several costume pieces that took her to a specific time in her life.  All held a special place in her heart; she never thought to photograph them; and now they exist only in her memory.
As we talked about the contents of our jewelry boxes, we realized that neither of us treasured the monetary value of what they contained nearly as much as we do our connection to each piece.

I have several similar boxes at home.  Once or twice a year, I spread their contents on the bed around me and "Remember when..." with each of the pieces.  In the past, these walks down memory lane were solitary excursions.  With my friend's journey in mind, I'm about to change that. 

The photos here are the first of many that I'll share with you.  Each represents a treasure of mine that's tucked away in a special place; most hold only sentimental value; and and I'm looking forward to sharing the stories of each and every one of them with you.

Ocracoke Bracelet @2006 - Sterling Silver, Glass, Lead Free Solder, & Paper. 
Each charm on this bracelet features a photo that I created on
Ocracoke Island.  At the time, I was planning to jump from
my career in financial services to my career as an Artist.
Ocracoke Bracelet - @2006 - (Reverse Side)
During the same time, my creative aspirations as an artist were
also shifting from that of a career in  photography to one of working in
mixed media, metals and jewelry. 

On a related note, I'm happy to report that the jewelry that I created for my friend happens to have survived the burglary intact.  It wasn't that the burglar's left it behind!  It's with her today because she wears it on a regular basis.  :-)

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