Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mixing and Mingling with the Wonderful Women of Art Is...You!

An early piece.  Words have always
played an  important part in my work.

 My journey to this place in my artistic career has been one of twists and turns with a healthy dose of experimentation in various media.  I began this path as a photographer, dipped my toe into beaded jewelry; painted, collaged, and constructed my way into a mixed media frenzy, and finally in an attempt to narrow my focus and develop a cohesive collection, I passionately ignited my love affair with found objects and metal through the creation of my own collection of jewelry and assemblage. 

Commercially, I've consigned with galleries, wholesaled to boutiques, partnered in a teaching studio, owned a gallery, traveled the retail show circuit, and sold my work via the Internet.  Through the years as my life's circumstances changed, my career adjusted accordingly.

Teaching in one form or another has always been a part of my path.  I approached it passionately and somewhat naively as I began to lay claim to the title of "Artist", and my pursuit of it has grown as I have.  Two years ago, I blissfully arrived in a place of confidence and security.  As this new reality dawned on me, I realized that I was willing to give fully and freely to my students.  I mean 100% freely...as in no holding back...no secrets...and a willingness to share every single bit of my knowledge and experience.  Thus began my search for the perfect place to begin the next phase of my journey.

Here's a sneak peak at the cover.
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Enter Salianne and Ellen, two lovely ladies who are the creative force behind the inimitable "Art Is...You" family of retreats.  As I researched teaching possibilities, I heard tales of these women, their retreats, the sense of community that they create, and the confidence that is inherently being built among their attendees.  I'm honored to be teaching with them for the first time on Monday, October 13th, in a class titled, "My Favorite Things".  These generous women have gone out on a limb in inviting me, a relatively unknown teacher nationally, to participate at Art Is...Stamford, and for that I'll be forever grateful.

As they say, "The cream always rises.", and I just learned that Salianne and Ellen and their Art Is... Retreats are being honored by being included in "Mingle", the premier publication featuring "a visual feast of imaginative gatherings...along with the uplifting stories behind uniquely creative get togethers."  Kudos, ladies!!!  I'm so proud to know you and to play even a small part in the amazing phenomenon that is Art Is...!

One of my samples from "My Favorite Things".
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  1. Hi Jean! I am so happy to be part of your creative journey! Art Is... Is definitely on my list of art retreats to attend one of these times but ReMe is my new fav! Love ya sista!