Sunday, June 16, 2013

This Week at The Painted Mermaid - Southport, NC

Debuting on Thursday, June 20th, 11:00 until...

This Thursday, June 20th, from 11:00, and until we run out of fun, I'll be visiting The Painted Mermaid in Southport, North Carolina.  This sweet vintage and handmade boutique is run by one of the nicest women I've ever met, Amy Atwell. 
These parts and pieces will give you a
sneak peak at The Safe Haven Collection
During our visit, we'll debut my new jewelry collection that was inspired by the book and movie, Safe Haven.  Safe Haven was filmed in and around Southport last year; the cast and crew endeared themselves to the community; and a number of treasures from Amy's store were used in the filming.

I'll also demonstrate metalsmithing techniques, and I'll be ready to personalize any of the afternoon's purchases. 

If you're within driving distance of Southport on Thursday, I hope to see you there!

The rich patina of each piece speaks to
the weathered and worn in all of us.
Cuff bracelets and necklaces will
make their debut on Thursday.


  1. Thank you so much, Kelly. It was really a lot of fun to develop this collection.

    By the way, you know that I feel exactly the same way about your work. :-)