Friday, June 28, 2013

Reminders From Class

My only regret...I have only one photo of the fun to share!
The artwork in the background is by the talented Jodi Ohl.
Last week I had the privilege of teaching a spirited class at Artful Living Group in Carolina Beach.  I gathered there with seven wildly creative students to create hand stamped copper cuff bracelets.  I knew that I'd found my home when one of the students arrived with a bottle of wine to share.  ;-)

Shortly after we began, an unexpected equipment malfunction occurred, one that might have brought the class to a screeching halt.  As a result, I excused myself to meet with one of the store's owners to discuss a "Plan B" for the class.  When I returned a few short minutes later, I was astonished to see that these remarkably resourceful women had already embarked on a "Plan B" of their own.  They were joyfully sharing the equipment that was in working order, and our class proceeded without a hitch.

As a result of this experience, I'm reminded... expect the best of others.  Most people we meet are of a kind, generous, and caring nature. ask for help when I need it.  "Going it alone" is overrated. continue to learn from my students.  I gain more from them than they do from me.

Thank you again to the wonderful women who shared this experience with me!  I'm looking forward to seeing you again for our next round of learning.

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