Friday, May 17, 2013

Sharing The Wonders of Pea Island Art Gallery

Pea Island Art Gallery...the southernmost building on the sound side in Salvo.

During our Outer Banks Adventure in April, Jodi Ohl and I visited with Kim Robertson at Pea Island Art Gallery in Salvo, NC.  Visiting with Kim is a treat, and our time together always passes much too quickly amidst laughter, sharing, and of course the delivery of our latest work for the season.

As an artists, Kim's talent lies in the medium of mixed media photography.  As a gallerist, she has the uncanny ability of making each individual who enters feel like they're the most important person in the world.  This comes from a genuine place, and it's apparent as soon as she greets you.  This is the one single almost indescribable quality that I seek in the business owners who represent my work.  Kim has it in spades, and I'm so grateful for the love that she puts into everything that she does.

The latest installation at The Pea. 
A screen painting by Anna Pasqualucci.
Whenever I visit The Pea, I always have the best intentions of taking enormous numbers of photos to share.  Inevitably I get lost in the moment, and forget this completely.  :-)  Good news!  You'll now be able to find beautiful views of the interior space by visiting The Pea Island Art Gallery on Google's website.  There you'll be able to navigate a 360 degree view of the interior space in all of it's glory.  You'll also find The Pea on Facebook, and if you're one of the lucky ones, you'll have the opportunity to visit in person sometime soon!

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