Thursday, September 9, 2010

All of This for A Little Pot

These special little "Ocracoke"pottery dishes have covered every conceivable surface in my house over the last few days.

On Sunday, I made the pots. (And I made them...and I made them...and I made them!)

On Monday, and in thee wee hours of Tuesday morning, I tried to force the drying process a bit by using my oven set to a low temperature.

On Wednesday, the reasonably dry pots were delivered to the large kiln of my dear friend and talented artist, Olivia Dowdy Brown. We loaded and began the bisque firing process almost immediately.

On Thursday, I received the bisque fired pots from Olivia, and overnight I stained, glazed, waxed, and sealed all of them.

This morning, I made a return trip to Olivia's, and we began our final firing process. As I write this, we're about three hours into roughly twenty-four hours of additional kiln time.

Tomorrow, we'll open the doors to reveal the finished pieces. (Woo Hoo!) No matter how many times I go through this process, the anticipation of opening the kiln still provides me with an absolute thrill!

These finished pieces will soon be bound for one of my all time favorite bookstores, Books to Be Red, at one of my all time favorite destinations, Ocracoke Island.

All of this for a little pot! :-)

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