Friday, March 19, 2010

A Walk Down Memory Lane

I've been seeking a photo that I created years ago, and I'm taking a walk down memory lane as a result. This process reminds me of so many things that I've forgotten. It also reminds me of my history as an artist. Life goes by so quickly, and I seem to be stuck in forward motion. I rarely take the time to look back and think about the evolution of my work. Perhaps it's something that I'll do more often in the future.

These three pieces are 6" deep cradled canvases. All were sold to collectors, and I'd completely forgotten them. This morning I realized that my love of words transcends the media in which I work. I also realized that the same words that meant so much to me four years ago still ring true in my heart.

Four years ago?!?! Could it possibly be four years?!?!?! Was it only four years?!?!?!? I suppose that it was, and in any case, I'm happy to have found the photos.

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