Monday, April 18, 2016

Marketing Magic at The Magic Bean

I just returned from the most invigorating trip to Ocracoke Island.  I was there to lead a series of sessions called, Business Marketing For Creative Entrepreneurs.  We were the  best kind of business community!  Among our ranks there were visual artists, musicians, performers, photographers, and business owners.  We represented arts organizations, non-profits, news outlets, spas, salons, galleries, a book store, a tackle shop, and more!

For the first two days of our time together, we met in small groups at The Magic Bean Coffee Bazaar.  This warm wonderful location was the perfect place for us.  In addition to great coffee and other refreshments, owner Katy Mitchell and her staff welcomed us with open arms.

The story of The Magic Bean is probably best told in a personal visit; you must experience it for yourself!  For now, these pictures will have to do, and I encourage you to treat yourself to a stop at this gem anytime you're on Ocracoke.

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Holy Creativity!  Inviting you to dive right in and play.
Something for everyone!
A few pieces by the talented Kitty Mitchell.
This was my view throughut the day.
The Magic continues outside...on the porch,
and in the yard and garden!

Thanks again to Katy Mitchell for extending her hospitality, and also to Kim Robinson Meacham of Milk Street Soaps, The Ocracoke Open Source Community, Hyde County, North Carolina, and Lentz Stowe of Beaufort Community College Small Business Center for facilitating such a wonderful opportunity for all involved!  I'll be providing additional details about all of you and the fabulous services that you provide soon on this blog.

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  1. It was lovely to meet you Jean ! I really enjoyed the seminar.