Monday, June 1, 2015

On Slowing Down

2015 has been quite a year so far.  The highs have been extremely high; the lows have been extremely low; and the speed of life has accelerated at an alarming rate.  In the midst of addressing one challenge, the next one seems to be knocking at the door.

I am strong.

My bench block, with the wise and loving words
of my dear friend and our ReMe Guest...
"Don't hurry.  Be happy."

I am woman.

I am overwhelmed.

I am also hopeful.

As I've done my best to navigate these uncertain waters, a few truths have revealed themselves to me again and again.  (Yes, I can be a bit hard headed and it often takes a few times for me to really get it!)

The first of these truths is that I need to slow down.  I realized this in the physical sense when I did a less than graceful swan dive on my stairs on my way to our ReMe Retreat earlier this month.  Ken, my calm loving husband, and a trained first responder, gently suggested these very words to me as he drove me to the emergency care clinic for x-rays.

He was right, and not just in the physical sense.  As we talked that day, and as I reflected on our conversation, I realized that my mind is generally at least ten steps ahead of what I'm actually doing. As I gazed at my bruised and swelling ankle and ego, I realized that this behavior wasn't serving me well.

As I walked down the stairs that morning, my mind was on Ocracoke Island and all that the next week would hold, on my Mother, on her last month in an inpatient rehab facility, on her current condition, and on my concern for her during my time away.  All of this thoughtfulness was great in theory; but it didn't help one bit as what my feet were doing at the time never even crossed my mind.

Speeding through life and badly multitasking has become my normal, and the time for change is now.  I will slow down.  Mentally, I'll focus on the task at hand.  Physically, I'll live in the moment.  I'll softly remind myself to do this again and again until the behavior is as natural as breathing.

Speaking of breathing, I'll address that in my next post, and then I'll share my thoughts on responding instead of reacting, and then...

There I go again!  One step at a time.  For now I'll slow down in the quiet confidence that this step, my next step, is where I must focus.

Please bear with me as I do exactly that, and share your thoughts on under-focusing, over-thinking, and multitasking in the comments section below.


  1. Hello Jean! Yours is a good goal to work toward. I struggle with the same thing at times. Trying to do too much for too many. Remember to take a deep cleansing breath and refocus on what's in front of you.

    1. Thank you, Patty, for your sweet comment here, and especially for all of the love and support that you gave me at our ReMe Retreat. <3