Friday, June 27, 2014

Memories of May - ReMe Retreats Blog Hop Part III

Years ago I dreamed of hosting an event.  I knew that it would take place on Ocracoke Island; I knew, before I even laid eyes on it, that The Inn on The Sound would be our home; I knew that our time together would be art-centric while at the same time encompassing so much more than art; and I knew that throughout the experience I'd be surrounded by people I love.  Somehow I knew ReMe before the word was ever spoken.

Our signature prayer flags carry blessings to points near and far.

Penny, Jodi, and Jean
Artists and Partners in ReMe.
(Photo by Deborah Belica.)
Our ReMe Retreat – Ocracoke – May 2014 exceeded my wildest expectations, and I've been forever changed by it. 

I'm grateful to be partnering with Jodi Ohl and Penny Arrowood in this labor of love that we call, "ReMe".  Each is one of the most wildly talented, creative, and hard working women I know. 

Theresa Zurku
Den Mother Extraordinaire

I'm thankful that my oldest and dearest friend, Theresa Zurku, was able to join us as she served as our Den Mother and gave her heart and soul to the planning and execution of our Inaugural ReMe Retreat.
The welcoming porch at
Books To Be Red

I'm amazed at the way my heart continues to be touched by Leslie Lanier... owner of Books To Be Red on Ocracoke Island... for the manner in which she continues to support my artistic development, and for the hospitality and love that she showed to each and every one of us during our time together at ReMe.  

Our sunset session
with Ann Erringhaus
I'm humbled by the manner in which Ann Erringhaus... the multi-talented artist, healer, teacher, author, and owner of Oscar's Bed and Breakfast... embraced us and enhanced our individual experiences during our time together at ReMe.

And finally I'm utterly astonished by each and every one of the brave hearted women who took a leap of faith and joined us for our ReMe Retreat on Ocracoke Island in May.   It's hard to imagine a more intuitive, kindhearted, capable, and generous group.  Our dreams became reality because of them.

The Women of ReMe-Ocracoke-May 2014
as photographed by Deborah Belica.
Together, we celebrated our similarities and embraced our differences.  I'm confident that the sense of community that we forged will bridge the time that we're apart and the geographic distances that separate us. 

These ladies have set the bar high for future guests of ReMe, and they've reinforced what we knew intuitively... those who approach their ReMe Experience with an open heart will be rewarded in the most unexpected ways.  This applies to students, teachers, and all who play a part in the magic that is ReMe.    
Prior to hosting our first ReMe Retreat, it was challenging for me to fully express the depth and breadth of all that the experience meant to me.  Now, with our actual Inaugural ReMe Retreat behind us, my challenge lies in editing my thoughts and feelings to an appropriate length for a blog post or two.  Please wish me luck as my post continues on the ReMe Blog!

To read and see more about this Remarkable ExtraordinaryMemorable Experience that is ReMe, please follow this link to The ReMe RetreatBlog.  There you’ll be able to register to win a custom piece of my jewelry too! 

These etched solid copper cuffs are
an enduring reminder of our treasured memories of ReMe.

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  1. Hi Jean! It was an amazing dream of a retreat! Can't wait for next May! Love you sista!

  2. Right back at you, Patty! I'm looking forward to it, and your blog post left me longing for a visit to Beaufort too. :-)

  3. Be sure to comment on the ReMe Blog too. I'd love to create a custom cuff for you! <3