Friday, February 7, 2014

Rest. Relax. Renew. The ReMe Blog Hop Begins Here With "Rest"

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Welcome to the first post in the first ever ReMe Blog Hop!  I'm absolutely thrilled that you've decided to join us.  For this week, please read this post; add your comment; proceed to our ReMe Blog; read the remainder of my post; and add your comment there too. 

Whew!  It sounds like a lot; but I promise that there are prizes involved for all of this.  :-)  Your comment here will earn one entry into my personal drawing for a surprise set of six greeting cards and magnets.  Your comment on the ReMe Blog will earn one entry into the ReMe drawing for my hand stamped "Rest.  Relax.  Renew." pendant.  Share either post, and return to comment with the details of your share, and you'll earn an extra entry for that drawing too.  All comments and shares made by midnight on Sunday, February, 9th will be included, and the winner of both contests will be announced on Monday, February 10th.

If you're so inclined, please also subscribe to my blog here and the ReMe Blog.  We have a few "subscribers only" surprises up our sleeves, and I wouldn't want you to miss a single one of them!   Now, on to my official blog post...

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I first wrote the words, "Rest.  Relax.  Renew." as a part of my "Ode to Ocracoke".  These three words sum so much of the rejuvenation that I experience every time I set foot on The Island, and I'm looking forward to helping you to discover a bit of the same magic as you experience ReMe.

My focus for today's portion of the blog hop will be on the word "Rest".  My natural state is one of creative chaos.  My mind seems to overflow with all that I need to do, want to do, and dream of doing.  Ideas run amok in the best possible way, and my challenge lies not in generating new ideas but in focusing on those that are most important to me. 

As a result, Rest can be an elusive concept.  My parents tell me that the same was true when I was a toddler.  I'd go and go and go, resisting sleep for all that I was worth.  Then, when I'd passed my capacity for exhaustion, I'd fall asleep wherever I was.

When I travel with friends and family, I'm still especially prone to doing the same.  I can't bear the thought of missing a minute of my time with the ones I love, so I'll struggle to stay awake just to be in their presence.  Theresa, my oldest friend and Official Den Mother for our ReMe Ocracoke in May, has witnessed me opening my eyes from a dead sleep to cohesively participate in their conversations without missing a beat.  Perhaps this is one of my superpowers?!?!

At home I'm experimenting with a variety of techniques in hopes of establishing a regular pattern of consistent nighttime Rest.  Morning exercise, limiting afternoon caffeine, an early bedtime, and even chamomile tea all play a part in this, and I'm still trying to find the combination that works best for me.
Here's a sneak peek at the
Rest.  Relax.  Renew.  Necklace
that will be given away on the ReMe Blog. 
Please enterto win by Sunday, February 9th.

The concept of Rest on Ocracoke is different, and you'll read more about it when you proceed to the ReMe Blog.  But first, please comment below by telling me your secret to finding Rest amidst the chaos of your everyday life, and remember to share this post if you'd like an additional entry in our drawing.

Now on to ReMe...


  1. Nice to meet you, Jean! I know & love Jodi from many workshops in person and online with her. I have signed up for the Oct ReMe and I am very excited about it!

  2. Not sure if that word is in my vocabulary my Mom is always telling me it's okay to REST! Creating is my rest I'm in my own world without all the confusion going on in everyday life works for me!

  3. Hi, Jean - My life is crazy. I teach full-time and am going to school, too. My husband and I are caring for our four aging parents and an adult special needs son. And if I don't find time for art, I get depressed. Depression for me leads to trouble sleeping. I've found that in order to get restful sleep, I have to make myself walk for 30-45 minutes a day. During the cold, nasty weather we've had lately, I walk on a treadmill. Walking releases so much tension, and I use the time to plan my next painting project.

  4. Hi Jean! I definitely know how it feels to have a busy brain at night when I'm trying to fall asleep. I read something every night before bed to signal my brain it is time to power down.

  5. I am so excited to learn more about ReMe. . . As far as rest goes, I think this is a difficult one for many of us women. I really am trying to disconnect from the technology stuff earlier in the evening and take some time to do something that calms and refreshes me, like reading, before bed. I find if I do this, instead of falling asleep with the TV on or the iPad on my lap, I get a better rest. Self care, always a battle isn't it? Looking forward to more posts from you!

  6. My family asked me to talk to the doctor about my "lack of sleep." I did and she asked me what time I have to get up. Luckily, I'm retired and most days I don't have to get up because after working so many years I make a point of not having to be places early. I told her I get up when I wake up. It's the luxury I worked toward all my life--sounds silly but I have always been a night owl. I remember my mother saying she would be so glad when I got old enough to stay up by myself!

  7. Oh, to Rest, Relax and Renew..... What a treat that would be! I am trying really hard to make that a focus. I want to make time to paint, draw, and breathe. I am really honored to be a part of the Guild and hope that being around these fabulous folk will help to open my creativity. I would like to learn more about the ReMe Retreats....sound wonderful!!!

  8. Hi Jean! I am SO excited for ReMe in May and to meet you in person! My rest time (besides sleeping) is spending time with my husband and two dogs. I make time every day to sit down on the couch and enjoy their company!

  9. I shared your post on Facebook, too!

  10. Greetings, Ladies! For me, the hardest part of the blog hop was not being able to interact with you here in the comments section. (Adding my responses would have disturbed our random number generator.) It's interesting to me that our lives are so diverse, and yet we each seem to share our challenges with Rest. At least we're in good company! Lola, I'm looking forward to seeing you at our guild functions. Lynn and Brittany, I'm already counting the days until we meet on Ocracoke! And I sincerely hope that the rest of us will have an opportunity to meet in person too. <3

  11. Hi Jean! I shared your post!