Wednesday, March 11, 2009

M4: Work In Process

Last weekend Artist Alley played host to The Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild (CMMAG) March Mixed Media Madness Challenge (M4). (Now THAT is a mouthful!)

In January, each M4 participant received an kit identical to the one shown here. The mission? To creatively breathe life into these random objects and assemble them as a cohesive piece of original artwork.

Eighteen artists completed the challenge, and these photos show my poor man-hands as they struggled to assemble my creation just hours before our First Friday Opening. Cuts and band aids...dirty and broken nails...callouses and was so worth it! Even my poor scissors took a beating when they met with my first ever real attempt to use resin in my work.

Photos of my finished piece, and some of the others, will follow soon.

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